systems bio medicine lab

In the lab, we study two sources of biological data:

Tumor cells and T cells. We are mostly (although not exclusively) interested in high-throughput data. Such data allows us to use our strengths, which are in quantitative biology.

We therefore use these data and produce these data to then utilize data-science methods such as machine learning and network biology to find interesting, novel, insights, that may end-up benefit human health.

T cells and B cells have the unique ability to change their own genome to get better at what they do. T cells are often different from one another in their ability to “see”. Their combined perspective makes up the Immunological Repertoire.

We develop tools to use pathway and network knowledge to discover hidden properties of cell regulation out of high-throughput data.. . .

Single cell transcriptomics. With help from Dr. Assaf Rotem and Dave Weitz’s lab, we recently set-up a droplet microfluidics system that gives ability to look at the whole-transcriptome of single cells.


The Mina & Everard Faculty of life Science  |  Building 206  Room C 863  |  Bar Ilan UniversityRamat Gan  |  Israel 52900  solefroni@gmail.com