Prof. Sol Efroni  |  PI

Sol is an Associate Professor at the Mina & Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences. Sol’s background is in physics, computer science and in immunology.


Molecular Biology

Systems BioMedicine

Statistics for Biologists

Systems Biomedicine for MDs

Dr. Alona Zilberberg  |  Lab Manager

Alona is the lab manager, is involved in every aspect of research in the lab specifically in charge of wet-lab experimentation. Dr. Zilberberg has extensive experience in molecular biology.

Dr. Nili Tickotsky  |  Ph.D. student

Nili’s research deals with novel perspectives and novel uses of the public T cell repertoire.

Dr. Avner Priel

Avner is an expert in machine learning and in many other aspects of data science. His expertise are in use in solving many issue in the lab, including T cell repertoire, genomics, deep-learning in biological genomics data and more.

Rivki Cashman  |  Ph.D. student

Rivki’s research focuses on genomic synonymous variants and their effect over phenotype.

Dr. Miri Gordin

Miri is leading the effort in experimentation with T cell repertoires. She researches novel methods to produce repertoire libraries.

Tom Snir  |  Ph.D. student

Tom’s research focuses on computational methods of single-cell transcriptomics.

Hagit Philip  |  Ph.D. student

Hagit’s research focuses on the use of machine learning in computational methods to analyze the T cell repertoire and network genomics.

Tonia Frumkin  |  M.Sc. student

Tonia recently joined the lab and her research focuses on optimizing different repertoire sequencing protocol approaches.

The Mina & Everard Faculty of life Science  |  Building 206  Room C 863  |  Bar Ilan UniversityRamat Gan  |  Israel 52900


Ido Sloma  |  Ph.D. student

Studies Immuno-Oncology, with a focus on single cell biology and the immunological repertoire.